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Alan Stirling -Offering Rational Solutions for Fremont's Future!

Fremont needs a Councilmember who stands up for what is right!

Vote "Once" and Vote "YES"
Alan Stirling for Fremont City Council 

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   Alan Stirling is the only candidate to come out against the Utility Tax, Measure L.  Alan Stirling did our homework.

   He found out:

   That without any additional taxes...

   1.   The city budget has grown by over 20% in the last two years from $106,000,000.00 to $130,700,000.00! No additional taxes were created or needed!

   2.   City reserves have increased from $25,000,000.00 to $35,000.000.00.  No additional taxes were created or needed!  (This increased reserve includes the $600,000.00  below market interest loan made to our new fire chief so he could buy a condominium here in Fremont with no money down).

   3.   Although the Consumer Price Index has risen an average of 2.4% over the last five years, the current Fremont City Council and Management have created salary increase of approximately 50% for chosen departments with in the city.  

   This is the inconvenient truth as to why the city needs the utility tax money:  to pay for bloated salaries and subsequently, bloated pension liabilites.

   This has all happened since you wisely and correctly rejected the last Utility Tax Measure in 2004.  Together, we need to do it again by voting no on Measure L, Fremont's newest effort for a shameless money grab.

   On additional pages at this website (coming soon) you will have an opportunity to meet Alan and learn about his positions on many other issues facing Fremont's future!

   If you would like Alan to come speak to you or your group, please contact him. 

   Thank you for visiting.  Your feedback is much appreciated.

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Alan Stirling with John Edwards,
Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate 2004.

Event was a private endownment dinner sponsored by the Habish Public Interest Legal Fund.
Alan Stirling With Jean Kirkpatrick, United States Ambassador to The United Nations (1981 to 1989)

Event was a private backyard picnic in The SF Bay Area.
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